Get Great Gadgets. And Keep Them.

....unless something better comes along. And by better, we mean more efficient, more standards-compliant, and just generally more advanced. Sure, you could hold onto old crap forever and ever, thinking you're doing the planet a favor and feeling all warm and fuzzy that you're "saving the planet". But guess what: older stuff tends to be more energy consuming, harder to interoperate, less efficient, and difficult to use. Is that always the case? Of course not. But lock-stepping trendoid rejection of New Technology, especially from people using new technology like Blogs and Twitter, for fuck's sake, is the very heart of hypocritical hipster-trend activism. Give us a break. Buy smart. Buy new.

Why shouldn't I just buy the latest and greatest toys?

  • Standards are constantly changing thanks to whiny, trendy bloggers!
  • Embarassing people out of buying stuff doesn't work.
  • I want to benefit from new improvements in technology! Get off my back.

It's totally normal to want to change the world with a few small behavior changes. It's not quite as cool to decide that starting trendy little twitter feeds is actual behavior change. Have less kids, cut down on driving, and buy new products based on their improved efficiency. This is a place to show the world that a lot of us are choosing to use Next Year's Model.

  • Holy Shit! This new programmable phone is awesome! I'm glad I got this!
  • Fuck the planet! Increasing the population past the billion mark is what's killing it!
  • I donated all my old unused stuff to charity and friends. I rock.

Tell Your Story

If you've picked up Next Year's Model, tell your friends on your blog or Facebook or MySpace page, or tag your stories on Twitter or Flickr with #nextyears. Talk about why you chose to buy, what you like about it, and what you're going to do with the old stuff.

How To Play

Participating in Next Year's Model is easy:

  1. Buy new amazing shit. Make sure it's amazing, of course, and not something the twitterari and weblogs said was neat. Those people glom onto any old trend.
  2. Parade around with your new amazing shit and marvel that life is so fucking awesome.
  3. Optionally put the Next Year's Model badge on your site or tag your story with #nextyears.

That's it!

"I found a fridge that was much more efficient and safe than that piece of crap my parents gave me when I moved out of the basement. Now my food stays fresher and I use less energy."

Gina TrapaniRandom Blogger Person, creator of THE INTERNET WELCOME CENTER and Living the RV Scene.

"I made my personal fortune constantly sending people to the next greatest thing. Keep reaching for the future!"

Kevin RoseKevin Rose, founder of